O' Lalour




page. 88


The author of the "Duan Eireannach" mentions, among other descendants of "Ir," those seven septs who inhabited Leix, or "Laigse of Leinster." According to a note, by the editor of the poem, this tribe comprised the seven septs, bearing this name, which agreeably to tradition, after the establishinent of surnames, were denorninated the O'Mores or O'Moores, O'KeIlys, O'Lalors, O'Devoys, or O'Deevys, Mac Evoys, O'Dorans, and O'Dowlings. Their descendants are still very numerous in and adjoining the Queen's county. Their heptipartite condition is thought to form a strong proof, establishing their Pictish origin. This is likewise affirmed, by a paragrah in the Book of Lecan. This account enumerates " the seven Laighsi " among " the Cruithnians of En, " who are synonymous with the Picts. Some writers believe, that these people retained their appellation of Picts, hecause they continued a practice which had originally caused their race to be known by such name. A continuance of painting their bodies probably distinguished them from other tribes of Ce1tic race.


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